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Welcome to pointless_blank my (sightsee ) graphics community. Posted here is icons, headers, moodthemes, resources, screencaps, tutorials and more. If you like what you see then please comment and feel free to friend the community.
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recslikewhoa: recs journal tends to be updated quite often and has over a 1000 recs, so its a place to spend some time.

sightsee: my journal! feel free to friend me if you think we have anything in common, but no comment on my friends page then no friend back.
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1. Please comment.
2. Don't hot-link, it's assholely.
3. Feel free to nominate any of my stuff.
4. Don't edit my graphics unless I give you permission.
5. Credit on icons is optional, appreciated but optional.
6. Credit on anything else is necessary.
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credits: profile codes & palebird 

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